Some of Aaron Arnott's "Rowan Salter's" Failed Businesses


Company went bankrupt. Caused Aaron Arnott to be investigated by the FBI. Successfully sued for over $220,000.

Liquidium Capital, LLC

Company shutdown. Still owes ~$1,500 in taxes.

Advisium LLC

Company shutdown. Still owes ~$3,800 in taxes.

LeaseBit LLC

Aaron Arnott's most recent company Leasebit, LLC has scammed people out of thousands of dollars. Aaron Arnott, using the alias Rowan Salter, sold bitcoin mining rig leases for $150 or more a month. In reality, Aaron never had access to any mining rigs, and never intended to deliver on his promises. Here is a link for more information on his Leasebit Scam:
Bitcoin Talk

He pretended to be offering refunds, but no one has seen a cent. Here is his fake refund letter.

It turns out that Leasebit, LLC was a fake company. Leasebit, LLC is not a registered limited liability company in any state. It is unknown how Aaron was able to deposit checks made out to Leasebit, LLC, but it's possible he used forged documents.

Deep Spaghetti

Deep Spaghetti is Aaron's fake 501(3C) organization. He claims he wrote a book called "Deep Thoughts With Spaghetti", and solicited donations through this company. There is no "Deep Spaghett" 501(3C) by this name. Aaron Arnott was reported to the IRS because of this.